Driving Lessons in English



Choose a driving school, book driving instructor and get driving lessons in English:








Search for qualified friendly instructors, driving courses in modern classrooms. You can prepare for your theory test individually and start taking practical driving lessons at driving school.

To start driving lessons at school you need:

– Documentary proof of a person’s identity.

– The photo (3×4 cm)

– The first payment


Students do not pass their driving exam in Regitra because of being unaware of the particular assessment criteria applied by Regitra’s examiners.  During the exam, the examiner is evaluating not only your driving skills but your behaviour on the road as well.
Driving instructors must not only teach basic driving but pay a lot of attention to driving exam preparation. The instructor must teach you how to correct your minor mistakes during the exam, how to overcome the difficulties and the stress of your driving examination.


NOTE: You must pass your theory test before you can book your driving test.

More information about Getting Driving Licence in Lithuania read here


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Driving lessons, schools and instructors in English


2018/07/09 |

3 thoughts on “Driving Lessons in English

  1. Bea sako:

    Are english-speaking driving instructors still working at the school?

  2. Patrik sako:

    Hello, Do u have english speaking instructor with automatic gearbox?

  3. shao wencheng sako:

    Sveiki visi, ar kinai turi Honkongo vairuotojo pažymėjimą ir ar gali naudotis leidimu gyventi Lietuvoje, kad sumokėtų lietuvišką vairuotojo pažymėjimą? Reikia egzamino?

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